DGCX Academy

DGCX Academy and Trading Campus presents

“A Certified Programme on Live Trading Strategies”

DGCX Academy, in collaboration with Trading Campus, is offering a certified programme on “Live Trading Strategies”. This course will be delivered through Trading Campus facilities and is approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA).

Financial Markets have revolutionized the way financial assets are traded. It is therefore imperative to develop domain knowledge in various aspects of financial markets. Technology and well defined strategies should be used intensively to maximize returns in a highly competitive environment. The aim of the Certified Program on Live Trading Strategies is to develop skills and competency of market participants in financial markets and to provide an exposure to Real-Time Markets through the use of simulators. An online certification exam is conducted at the end of each course. Passing students are given a KHDA attested certificate and certificate of participation by DGCX.  

Programme Highlights:

• Placement and internship opportunities • 40 to 120 Hours of training on Real Time Markets • Over 100 built in strategies with a back testing feature • Faculty with industry experience • Opportunity to gain hands on experience of the latest systems used in Algorithmic Trading, Technical Analysis and Risk Trading, as well as many other aspects of the Markets • Foundation for portfolio and risk management  

Who will benefit from this programme?

• Financial Service Professionals • Students • Anybody having an interest in the Commodities, Currencies and Equities markets • Traders and Risk Managers  

Programme Modules:

Technical Analysis and Technical Studio (50 Built in Strategies)

• Basics of Technical Analysis (Theory): Chart Types, Chart Patterns, Gap Theory, Candlestick Patterns, Technical Indicators • Technical Studio: Strategy (Practical): Builder, Back Testing, Live Stimulator

Technical Analysis and Algorithmic Trading (25 Built in Strategies)

• Basics of Technical Analysis (Theory): Chart Types, Chart Patterns, Gap Theory, Candlestick Patterns, Technical Indicators • Basics of Algorithmic Trading (Theory): Electronic Trading, Components of Algorithmic Systems, Working flow of Algorithmic Strategies.

Option Trading (25 Built in Strategies)

• Basics of Option Trading (Theory): Option Payoffs, Black Scholes Calculator, Greeks Profile. • Option Simulator (Practical): Option Strategies, Greek Dashboard, Live Stimulator.

Fundamental Analysis – Analyst Corner

• Basics of Financial Statements, Financial Ratios, Secular and Cyclical Sectors value migration, Finding the next BIG Trend, Portfolio Construction.

Portfolio and Risk Management

• Financial Market Risk, VAR, EWMA, GAARCH, Historical VAR, Stress analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Basic of Credit Risk, Credit Rating.

Programme Duration: 3 to 9 Months

For further queries please call on: +971 4 554 9009 or email info@tradingcampus.ae