DGCX Zinc (DZS) Futures

  • DGCX Zinc (DZS) Futures

    Zinc is the fourth most common metal in use, trailing only Iron, Aluminium, and Copper with an annual production of around 13 million tonnes. Zinc is most commonly used as an anti-corrosion and galvanization (coating for iron or steel) agent is the most familiar form.

    DGCX Zinc Futures contract provides a more efficient and transparent way to manage pricing risks than other product structures available for Zinc supply chain participants. DGCX Zinc Futures contract also provides financial participants an opportunity to trade in conjunction with similar products to gain spread opportunities arising from various supply and demand scenarios.

    • Tracks and prices one of the most important Non-ferrous metals
    • Traded and Cash settled in US Dollars (USD)
    • Tax Free – No transaction Tax and Zero Capital Gains tax
    • Basis 5 MT contract size, tick size USD $0.5
    • Efficient metals trading and hedging on DGCX through a futures contracts structure
    • Unique trading opportunity in the region to participate in global Zinc markets
    • Market hours encompassing the largest global liquidity pools
    • Low cost structure with risk adjusted net margin offset on calendar spreads
    • Traded on a globally recognized, regulated and safe platform permitting greater participation
    • EFS, EFP and Block trading is permissible
  • Contract Specifications