Market Maker

Market Maker

The DGCX market making scheme applies to gold, silver, WTI crude oil and all currency futures (Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Sterling and Swiss Franc).

The DGCX market making scheme is designed to enhance the liquidity and transparency of DGCX markets so that participants can see competitive bid and offer quotes (spreads) on-screen throughout the trading day. The market making scheme aims to improve order flow and volumes in DGCX’s leading contracts, by creating tighter and more attractive prices for all market participants, from large institutions to smaller retail investors. The market making firms are dedicated to providing consistent two way prices throughout the trading day in gold, silver, WTI crude oil and currency futures contracts.

If you are interested in becoming a market maker on DGCX, please refer to the Notice below and contact Relationship Management for more details. Notice and application form for DGCX Designated Market Making Scheme, Click here to download

Relationship Management

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