Notice No Issue Date Title
RISK-2020-032 5/1/20 Additional Initial Margin Requirements for Oil Futures Contracts
RISK-2020-019 3/11/20 Amendment – Revision of Policy Relating to Fixed Deposits as Collateral
TRDG-2020-024 4/1/20 Amendment to Daily Settlement Price Calculation Time – Indian Rupee Currency Contracts
TRDG-2020-015 3/3/20 Amendment to Indian Rupee (INRI) Quanto Futures Contract Specification
TRDG-2020-007 1/29/20 Amendments to the Last Day of Trading for Indian Rupee Futures and Indian Rupee Mini Futures
TECH-2020-013 2/13/20 Billing Process for IT Services
COMP-2020-008 1/30/20 Complaints Resolution Procedures
TRDG-2020-012 2/12/20 Corporate Action Adjustment for GAIL (India) LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2020-044 7/1/20 Corporate Action Adjustment for ITC Limited Futures Contract
TRDG-2020-035 5/12/20 Corporate Action Adjustment for Reliance Industries LTD Futures Contract.
TRDG-2020-009 2/5/20 Corporate Action Policy
TRDG-2020-036 6/1/20 DGCX India Gold Futures Contract – Change of Last Trading Day Definition
MKTG-2020-001 1/6/20 DGCX Market Data Policy for Desktop and Application Data Usage
TRDG-2020-021 3/26/20 Expiry of Indian Rupee Contracts – 27 March 2020
TRDG-2020-034 5/8/20 Expiry of May 2020 WTI and WTIM Futures Contracts
COMP-2020-023 3/31/20 Extension - Net Current Tangible Assets (NCTA) Letter & Annual Audited Financial Statements for Members
TRDG-2020-027 4/23/20 Extension of Revised Daily Settlement Price Calculation Time – Indian Rupee Currency Contracts
TRDG-2020-030 4/27/20 FX Rolling Futures Contracts – Fees Correction
TRDG-2020-003 1/20/20 Guidance on Trade Surveillance
TRDG-2020-028 4/24/20 Introduction of FX Rolling Futures Contracts