DGCX provides market participants with an opportunity to trade selective currencies in the world’s leading FX Market. Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Australian Dollar (AUD) against the USD. The FX market is one of the most liquid and heavily traded international market. DGCX offers these contracts for hedging, arbitraging, speculating, and trading in a structured, secure, regulated, and transparent environment.

  • These contracts will provide a unique trading opportunity in the region to participate in global FX markets via an exchange-traded product
  • All open positions are rolled over on daily basis, applying relevant T/N swap rates
  • The T/N swap rates are provided by an ESMA-registered and FCA authorised third-party provider
  • These contracts are suitable for institutional and retail traders
  • Order Driven Market Place with price transparency to all market participants
  • Margins are accepted in UAE Dirhams so you can take exposure using local currency
  • UAE is a Tax Free jurisdiction ensuring no tax liability arising out of accrued profit
  • Market hours from 07:00 to 23:55 hours Dubai time (GMT +4)
  • Overlaps most trading zones including Europe and United States

Contract Specifications

Contract TypeFX Rolling Futures
Contract NameFX Rolling Futures
Contract SymbolSPFAUD
Contract SizeAUD 10,000
Notional Contract ValueAUD 10,000
Trading CurrencyUSD
Settlement CurrencyUSD
Price QuoteUSD quoted in USD per AUD, for example 0.6830(1)
Tick SizeUSD 0.00001
Tick ValueUSD 0.10
Settlement BasisCash Settled, traded to the fifth decimal place, settled to the sixth decimal place
Final Cash Settlement Price (FCSP)None- It is perpetual
Last Trading Day (LTD)None- It is perpetual
Delivery Day
Trading DaysExchange Business Day*
Trading Hours07:00 - 23:55 Hours Dubai time (GMT+4)
Trading MonthsNone- It is perpetual
New Contract ListingNone- It is perpetual
Max Order Size2500 Lots ($25 Million)
Daily Settlement 11.55pm Dubai – Aligned with G6 Futures Daily Settlement price will equal Preliminary settlement price +/- the relevant T/N rate as provided by a third-party benchmark rate provider
Wholesale TradesBlock Trade minimum size threshold: 50 lots. EFP/EFS also available. Trades must be submitted within 15 minutes after execution
Initial MarginUSD 140
Delivery MarginNone- It is perpetual
No Cancellation RangeSee link: www.dgcx.ae/price-limits