Notice No Issue Date Title
TRDG-2018-037 9/20/18 Additions to Exchange By-Laws
TRDG-2018-026 6/11/18 Amendment to Trading Holiday for ‘Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)’
TRDG-2018-033 9/5/18 Amendment to Trading Holiday for Islamic New Year
TRDG-2018-017 4/10/18 Amendment to Trading Holiday for The Prophet’s Ascension
TRDG-2018-046 11/7/18 Amendment to Trading Holiday for The Prophet’s Birthday
TRDG-2018-002 1/15/18 Amendments to the Last Day of Trading for various classes of Indian Rupee and MSCI INR Futures Contracts
TRDG-2018-041 10/12/18 Amendments to Trade Bust Policy
MEMB-2018-031 8/16/18 Annual Membership Fees for the year 2019
TRDG-2018-012 3/13/18 Corporate Action Adjustment for GAIL (India) LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2018-008 3/5/18 Corporate Action Adjustment for Indian Oil Corporation LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2018-032 8/28/18 Corporate Action Adjustment for Infosys LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2018-021 5/28/18 Corporate Action Adjustment for Tata Consultancy Services LTD Futures Contract.
TRDG-2018-003 1/24/18 Corporate Action Adjustment for Tata Steel LTD Futures Contract.
TRDG-2018-045 11/2/18 Corporate Action Adjustment for Vedanta LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2018-047 11/9/18 Direct Market Access (DMA)
FINA-2018-049 12/5/18 Fees and Charges for 2019
CLRG-2018-024 6/1/18 Introduction of email notification for Margin Alerts
MKTG-2018-020 5/9/18 Introduction of Incentive Scheme on DINRO Contracts
MKTG-2018-035 9/6/18 Invitation to apply for Designated Market Maker Status in specified DGCX Contracts
FINA-2018-004 1/30/18 Maintaining updated VAT registration details at the Exchange