Notice No Issue Date Title
COMP-2019-003 1/31/19 Amendment to Exchange By-Laws
RISK-2019-026 6/13/19 Amendment to Methodology for Calculating Default Fund Contributions and Payment of Credit
TRDG-2019-039 9/23/19 Amendment to US Dollar – Offshore Chinese Yuan Futures Contract Specification
TRDG-2019-016 3/27/19 Amendments to the Last Day of Trading for various classes of Indian Rupee Futures and Options Contracts
RISK-2019-006 2/12/19 Clearing Membership Structure Changes and Contribution to Default Fund
RISK-2019-018 4/1/19 Collateral Segregation Enhancements
RISK-2019-033 8/23/19 Consultation on Default Management
RISK-2019-021 4/17/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for Bharti Airtel LTD. Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-028 7/3/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for GAIL (India) LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-045 12/2/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for HCL Technologies Ltd Futures Contract.
TRDG-2019-036 9/10/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for HDFC BANK LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-013 3/12/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for NTPC Ltd Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-027 6/25/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for UPL LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-008 2/26/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for Wipro Ltd Futures Contract
RISK-2019-015 3/26/19 Default Porting Procedures
FINA-2019-044 11/29/19 Fees and Charges for 2020
RISK-2019-014 3/22/19 Initial Margins and Other Deposits by Clearing Members
TECH-2019-035 8/30/19 Introducing New Infrastructure to Support Colocation Services
TECH-2019-034 8/30/19 Introduction of 10Gig speed Fiber ports Cross Connect at Colocation Facility
TRDG-2019-023 5/2/19 Introduction of Asset Allocation Facility