Notice No Issue Date Title
COMP-2019-003 1/31/19 Amendment to Exchange By-Laws
RISK-2019-026 6/13/19 Amendment to Methodology for Calculating Default Fund Contributions and Payment of Credit
TRDG-2019-016 3/27/19 Amendments to the Last Day of Trading for various classes of Indian Rupee Futures and Options Contracts
RISK-2019-006 2/12/19 Clearing Membership Structure Changes and Contribution to Default Fund
RISK-2019-018 4/1/19 Collateral Segregation Enhancements
RISK-2019-021 4/17/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for Bharti Airtel LTD. Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-028 7/3/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for GAIL (India) LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-013 3/12/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for NTPC Ltd Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-027 6/25/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for UPL LTD Futures Contract
TRDG-2019-008 2/26/19 Corporate Action Adjustment for Wipro Ltd Futures Contract
RISK-2019-015 3/26/19 Default Porting Procedures
RISK-2019-014 3/22/19 Initial Margins and Other Deposits by Clearing Members
TRDG-2019-023 5/2/19 Introduction of Asset Allocation Facility
TRDG-2019-007 2/22/19 Introduction of New Contracts
CLRG-2019-001 1/3/19 Introduction of SMS notification for the daily Variation Margins
MKTG-2019-031 7/19/19 Invitation to apply for Designated Market Maker Status in specified DGCX Contracts
TRDG-2019-009 3/1/19 Listing of additional Calendar Spread contract in Indian Rupee Quanto Futures
TRDG-2019-004 1/31/19 Listing of new Calendar Spread contracts between WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures Contracts and Brent Crude Oil Futures Contracts and Suspension of Calendar Spread contracts between Brent Crude Oil Futures Contracts and WTI Light
COMP-2019-011 3/5/19 Mandatory Submission of Annual Financial Statements for the Year of 2018
RISK-2019-020 4/8/19 Netting