Notice No Issue Date Title
MKTG-2021-035 11/2/21 Amendment to the New Market Participant Incentive Scheme
COMP-2021-018 4/26/21 Amendments to DGCX By-Laws – Version 2.31
TRDG-2021-001 1/6/21 Amendments to the Last Day of Trading for Indian Rupee Weekly Futures, Indian Rupee Futures, Indian Rupee Quanto Futures and Indian Rupee Mini Futures
TRDG-2021-027 8/30/21 Corporate Action Adjustment for Bharat Petroleum Corporation LTD. Futures Contract.
TRDG-2021-032 9/24/21 Corporate Action Adjustment for Bharti Airtel Limited Futures Contract
TRDG-2021-039 12/3/21 Corporate Action Adjustment for Coal India Limited Futures Contract
TRDG-2021-007 2/3/21 Corporate Action Adjustment for Indian Oil Corporation Futures Contract
TRDG-2021-024 7/27/21 Corporate Action Adjustment for PowerGrid Futures Contract
TRDG-2021-028 9/6/21 Corporate Action Adjustment for Vedanta Limited Futures Contract
TRDG-2021-021 6/22/21 Daily Gold Futures Contract Specifications - Amendment
TECH-2021-029 9/8/21 F5 (BIG-IP) SSL VPN Upgrade
TRDG-2021-003 1/14/21 Introduction of Daily Gold Futures Contract
TRDG-2021-011 3/16/21 Introduction of Pakistani Rupee Futures Contracts
MKTG-2021-012 3/16/21 Invitation to apply for Designated Market Maker Status in DGCX Pakistani Rupee Futures Contracts
MKTG-2021-026 8/18/21 Invitation to apply for Designated Market Maker Status in specified DGCX Contracts
MEMB-2021-037 11/15/21 Membership Fees 2022 & Renewal of Membership
COMP-2021-006 1/22/21 Net Current Tangible Assets (NCTA) Letter & Annual Audited Financial Statements for Members
TRDG-2021-004 1/19/21 New Market Participant Incentive Scheme - Update
TECH-2021-017.pdf 4/23/21 Pakistani Rupee Futures (PKRUSD) - Mock Trading Session
COMP-2021-022 6/28/21 Quarterly Clients’ Fund Segregation Report for SCA Licensed Broker Members