Gold is one of the oldest and most well-known products used for investment, hedging and trading. Investments in gold have traditionally been used as a hedge against inflation and as a store of value.

The DGCX Spot Gold contract – Shari’ah compliant, has been certified by renowned Shari’ah scholars in compliance with the Shari’ah principles for the ownership of gold. Gold is less volatile than other major Islamic products available in the market including Equity Indices, REITs and the Takaful index. Although, traditionally Gold has performed better on a medium to long term basis. The DGCX Spot Gold contract – Shari’ah Compliant, provides an opportunity for Islamic funds and investors to diversify their portfolio efficiently by investing in Gold.

  • Compulsory physical delivery of allocated and segregated 1 Kilogram gold bars from approved Refineries
  • Recognised, regulated and fully Shari’ah compliant.
  • Transparent pricing and defined delivery intention, revocation and substitution processes and timelines
  • Traded in USD with a tick size of USD 0.10 per troy ounce and Tick value of USD 3.20 per lot
  • Region’s first Exchange traded Shari’ah Spot Gold contract, certified by reputed Shari’ah advisory board based on established Shari’ah gold standards
  • Enables efficient diversification of Islamic investment portfolios through Shari’ah compliant ownership of gold
  • Traded on a federally regulated and risk managed platform offering safety and price transparency
  • Compulsory physical delivery under approved Shari’ah structure
  • Only specific DGD bars accepted as deliverable brands under the contract
  • End to end solution for physical storage and delivery handling as per participants’ request

Contract Specifications

Contract TypeShariah Compliant
Contract NameSpot Gold Shariah Compliant
Contract SymbolDGSG
Underlying1kg Allocated and segregated Gold bars with a minimum purity of .995
Contract Size32 Troy Ounces (approx. 1kg)
Notional Contract Value32 x Price
Trading CurrencyUSD
Settlement CurrencyUSD
Price QuoteUS Dollars per Troy Ounce
Tick SizeUS$ 0.10
Tick ValueUS$ 3.20
Settlement BasisPhysical Delivery
Final Cash Settlement Price (FCSP)FCSP shall be the Daily Settlement Price on each SGIN Day
Trading DaysExchange Business Days
Trading Hours07:00 – 20:00 Hours Dubai time
Max Order Size200 Lots
Wholesale TradesBlock Trade minimum size threshold: 5 lots. EFP/EFS also available. Trades must be submitted 15 minutes after execution
Delivery ProcessDelivery through DMCC DGR system. On T+1 pay-in of funds and delivery-in of Gold Warrant to DMCC by 10:00. Pay-out of funds and delivery-out of Gold Warrant between 12:00 and 14:00
Delivery MarginSee link:
No Cancellation RangeSee link: