Notice No Issue Date Title
TRDG-2008-055 12/24/08 Amendment to Last Day of Trading - DINR 26 DEC 2008 Futures Contract
TRDG-2008-054 12/23/08 Amendment to Business Day for Islamic New Year
TRDG-2008-053 12/5/08 Change in Margins on Euro/Sterling Pound/Yen Futures Contracts
CLRG-2008-052 12/4/08 Amendment to Settlement Schedules during Eid-Al-Adha Holidays
TRDG-2008-051 12/1/08 Amendment to Trading Holiday List & Merger of Settlement Dates
COMP-2008-049 11/27/08 3rd Annual General Meeting of Members
COMP-2008-050 11/27/08 Annual SCA License Renewal
TRDG-2008-048 11/24/08 Amendment to Business Day and Last Day of Trading
MKTG-2008-047 11/18/08 Appointment of Designated Market Makers in the Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Euro and Sterling Futures Contracts
CLRG-2008-037 11/17/08 Gold Options (16SEP2008 Expiry) Assignment Details
CLRG-2008-046 11/14/08 Gold Options (13NOV2008 Expiry) Assignment Details
MEMB-2008-045 11/5/08 Annual Membership fees for Broker, Trade & Introducing Broker Members
TRDG-2008-043 10/27/08 Introduction of a cash settled Indian Rupee Futures Contract
MKTG-2008-044 10/27/08 Invitation to apply for Designated Market Maker Status in the revised India Rupee Futures Contract
MKTG-2008-042 10/16/08 Invitation to apply for Designated Market Maker Status in the Gold, Steel, Crude Oil and specified Currency Futures Contracts
TRDG-2008-040 10/9/08 Amendments to the Guidelines for Reporting Block Trades
TRDG-2008-041 10/9/08 Changes in Margins on Gold Futures Contracts
MEMB-2008-038 9/23/08 Membership Administration Fees - Amended
TRDG-2008-036 9/11/08 Amendments to the Contract Specification (DPR) for Steel Rebar Futures
TRDG-2008-035 9/11/08 Changes in Margins on Gold/Silver/Steel Futures Contracts