Notice No Issue Date Title
TRDG-2006-002 1/25/06 Change in market timings, initial margins and transaction charges
CLRG/2006/001 1/25/06 Gold Futures Delivery Tender Procedure and Form
TECH-2006-003 3/3/06 Release of Trader Work Station (TWS) Version & Mock Trading
TRDG-2006-004 3/13/06 Introduction of Silver Futures
TRDG-2006-005 3/14/06 Revised Exchange Holidays & Apr-2006 Gold Contract Calendar
TECH-2006-006 3/21/06 Release of Trader Work Station (TWS) Version 5.0 & Live Trading
TRDG-2006-007 3/29/06 Change in Market Timings for Daylight Saving
TRDG-2006-008 4/11/06 Change in Silver Contract Specifications
CORP-2006-009 4/17/06 Publication of Advertisements by DGCX Members
TRDG-2006-010 4/20/06 Changes in Initial Margins on Gold & Silver contracts
TRDG-2006-012 5/11/06 Change in Gold & Silver Contract Specifications
TRDG-2006-013 5/15/06 Revised Calendar for June-2006 Gold Contract
TRDG-2006-014 5/18/06 Changes in Margins on Gold & Silver contracts
TECH-2006-015 5/24/06 Mock Trading for Currency Futures
TRDG-2006-016 6/6/06 Introduction of Currency Futures
CLRG/2006/017 6/19/06 Dealing with default in physical settlement of Gold & Silver contracts
COMP/2006/019 7/4/06 Commitment to be deposited by Clearing Members
TRDG-2006-020 7/19/06 Revised Calendar for August-2006 Gold Contract
TECH-2006-022 7/28/06 Empanelment of ISVs for providing “Private Order, Risk Management & Trading Software”
TECH-2006-021 7/28/06 Usage of “Private Order routing, Risk management & Trading Software” (PORTS)