DGCX Group has partnered with Nasdaq Technology AB (“Nasdaq”), whereby Nasdaq will provide a full suite of integrated marketplace solutions. These will include multi-asset trading and real-time clearing capability, pre-trade risk management, as well as market intelligence, market surveillance and quality assurance applications required to safeguard the integrity of the market.

The planned migration to the new technology will take place in mid-2022, subject to regulatory approval. The project will require the participation of all Members, Vendors, Settlement Banks, and other DGCX Group partners, and will include simulated trading/clearing sessions prior to go-live.

All interested parties are strongly recommended to complete the Registration Form and to direct any questions/comments via the dedicated email address: DGCXmigration@dgcx.ae.

Group Technology Migration

Presentation Registration Form FAQs NCD (Nasdaq Core Desktop) vs EOS Trader Demo

Project Updates

Update #1 - 30th June 2021 Update #2 - 6th October 2021

Contact Details

For any questions/comments, please contact us at DGCXmigration@dgcx.ae.